History of Sublime Baptist Church

Information received from the Guadalupe Baptist Association states that Sublime Baptist Church was first located at a place known as “Tick Hill” which was approximately 4 miles north of the present location. Services were held at this location (Tick Hill) beginning in the year 1853. Records from the early church were either never kept or have been lost. The name of the early church, according to minutes from March 1925, was “Sublime Missionary Baptist Church.” After May 1928, the minutes read “Sublime Baptist Church.”

In 1887 Robert Miller donated land in Sublime to the church. A wooden frame church was built in Sublime, Texas in 1905 and this church building was used until 1954. Services were held on Saturday night and Sunday morning whenever a preacher came. On February 1, 1953, under the leadership of Bro. C.L. Weigel, the church began working toward the construction of a new building by starting a building fund to build a new church. On October 4, 1953 new church plans were drawn.

Bro. Weigel, who was pastor for 18 years, and his wife Linnie played an important role in the history of Sublime Baptist Church. He was instrumental in starting many new programs and overseeing the construction of the new church that opened its doors in 1954.

In September of 1954, Sublime Baptist Church opened and dedicated its brand new building consisting of a spacious auditorium, 6 class rooms, two rest rooms, and a large closet.

One year later, a letter from the pastor, Bro. C.L. Weigel, dated August 1, 1955 was sent to members, former members, pastors and residents inviting them to a Homecoming fellowship. This was to be an annual event every September, on the weekend of Labor Day. The annual Homecoming event was discontinued after 1963.

In October 2005, 8.26 acres of land was purchased by Sublime Baptist Church with the intention of building a new church in the near future. This dream was realized sooner than expected when the members of Trinity Baptist Church, off of Hwy 77 West, disbanded and their property was given to Sublime Baptist Church. In April 2007, Sublime Baptist Church sold the property. The money from the sale combined with the money from the building fund was enough to start construction on the new church in May 2008. The building was completed in May 2009. The congregation held their first service in the new church building in May 2009.

The history of Sublime Baptist Church would be incomplete without listing the pastors who served faithfully through the years. The salaries for the early pastors were very meager and sometimes the pastors preached and served the congregation without financial compensation.

Following is a partial listing of the pastors who have served over the years.

R.M. Blackman                  1889

Brother Raab                     No Date

J.R. Bowen                        1925

E.W. (Ed) Griffith                1925-1926

B.H. Power                         1926-1927

J.T. King                             1937

J.T. King                             1945-1946

C.L Boone                          1945-1946

J.J. Rice                             1946-1947

Donald Boazeman             1948-1949

Johnny Hart                       1949-1950

Donald Boazeman             1950-1951

C.L. Weigel                        1951-1969

Claudie Dunlap                  1970-1972

C.I. Williams                       1972-1974

U.S. Luckey                       1976-1977

C.I. Williams                       1978-1982

J.C. Stork                           1983-1988

Ed Benick                           1989-1992

Jack Fleming                      1993-1995

C.I. Williams                       1997-1998

Larry Smith                        1999-2007

George Hayhurst               2007-2012

Jeremy Kraatz                    2013-present


Excerpts taken and adapted with permission from “History of Sublime Baptist Church” by Emily Jean Fahrenthold Appelt and Lois Pustejovsky Horton.


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